1.What program(s) do you use to draw with?

 I almost exclusively use Photoshop CC for professional illustration projects. When it comes to comics and doodling, I work off of my iPad pro and use the app Procreate. Here is a Youtube Video where I talk about my favorite digital tools.

2.What kind of tablet do you use to draw with?

When working on my computer I use my Wacom Intuos Pro tablet after having used a Wacom Bamboo Create tablet for six years. I also use my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 

3.Do you ever draw traditionally?

I draw (almost) exclusively in digital. From time to time I break out a traditional sketchbook and use pastel copics and Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica pens to draw.

4.Do you take requests/trades/commissions/suggestions for comics?

In the past I’ve offered portrait commissions, but unfortunately with my current work load I won’t be opening them for the foreseeable future.

As for requests and art trades, I rarely rarely do either of those. You can ask, but I can almost guarantee the answer will be “No”.

If you have an idea for a killer comic, feel free to message me. Although, truly, you should draw the comic yourself! If you have a fantastic idea and a great message, no one cares about your drawing skills (seriously, some of the most popular comics out there are stick figures!). Here's a video of my comic illustration process. 

5.How long have you been drawing? How did you start?

I have been doodling since about 1st grade (I won a blue ribbon at the country fair, nbd). But I didn’t really start to take my art seriously until sophomore year of high school. I didn’t begin posting my art online until Freshman year of college (2013) where I had 12 dedicated Deviantart followers. 

I made a tumblr post talking about my art journey over the last few years and how I developed my style. You can read it here.

6. Where does your inspiration come from?

I’m inspired by all the amazing artists here on the web! 90% of the people I follow on tumblr/deviantart/instagram are artists who inspire me.

Whether it be their drawing style, their use of color, or even the fantastic ideas for comics/paintings, each artist I follow offers something to the art realm that I find absolutely fantastic!

If I had to choose a few of my biggest artistic inspirations, it would have to be Kate BeatonBrittney LeeEmily CarrollCaroline FrumentoLoish and HamletMachine.

As for what inspires my comics, that all stems from things that happen to me in my life. All my Artbymoga comics are based off experiences I have with my husband, dog, and just life in general.

7.Can I use one of your drawings as my wallpaper/icon or use it for video/project?

Depends! If it is just for personal use (ie. not making money off it) you are welcome to use any of my work, so long as my copyright is visible and you properly credit me. I do not allow my work to be used for commercial purposes without a contract. If you are interested in such an agreement, please contact me.

8.Can I use your drawing as a reference/remake a comic?

Depends! Please read number 7 for more information.

9.What does your nickname mean?

Moga is the name my parents gave me when I was a baby. It’s short for Mowgli, the main character in The Jungle Book. My dad (just like yours truly) is dyslexic and a terrible speller so he somehow jumbled the letters into Moga and called it good.

10. What’s your real name?

Meg Adams. (Formerly Meg Quinn but I changed my name when I got married!)

11.How old are you? When is your birthday?

I am 24 and my birthday’s May 24th. I'm a gemini through and through.

12. Where are you from?

I grew up in Central Oregon and now live in Seattle, WA.

13. What did you study in college?

I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Arts with a focus in narrative illustration. I received minors in Comics & Cartoons Studies and Business. I also dabbled in Gender Studies, Anthropology, and French.